The Samani Company: Innovators around Packaging and Storage


    • Our Vision: Samani Company aims to become a premier provider to the public around sustainable, and high-quality packaging of numerous products for both short and long term uses.


    • Origin Story: Founded in 2015 by Frank and Patience Lee, the term "Samani" is a Swahili term for furniture. The problem we saw had to do with moving furniture (or heavy items) and the failure to have it covered/protected, along with effectively lifting it during times of transport.  The problem was evident watching two men struggling to move an uncovered queen size mattress through an apartment doorway in the freezing rain. The thought of a better way to assist them is what stirred us. We asked the question, can there be a fabric-based product that could protect the mattress, secure it comfortably and give the movers leverage when they navigate through the doorway? That was our "Aha moment". This ultimately led us to the goal of repurposing how items are packaged, moved and even stored. This is at the heart of how our company executes on purpose. We will make new innovation our norm.  


    • Our Products:
        • Samani Bag: Initially designed as a custom bag for furniture but evolved into a broader multi-functional solution. (Official launch in late 2024)
        • Samani Container: Flagship product currently on the market. Durable and reusable, offering versatile packaging and storage possibilities.
        • Customizable Bag Designs: Our talents have allowed us to work with clients and create very unique and durable bag designs in keeping with our core values.


    • Our Core Focus:
        • Sustainability: Building quality products with longevity is at the heart of what we do.
        • Durability: 
          1. Can hold up to 70lbs internally.
          2. Can withstand up to 500lbs of pressure - empty!
          3. 32,000 lifts of simulated use (holding 40lbs of weight inside) and not a stitch out of place. 
          • Multifunctionality: Driven to create diverse applications and maximizing product efficiency. Can we create something new and unique for you?
          • Reusability: allowing customers an easier way to assemble, disassemble and store away at any point, their boxes or containers, was critical in the design phase. An essential time saver, that can be used over and over again, which can have substantial impact on a company's bottom line.  


      • Our Timeline:
          • 2015: Back in downtown Philadelphia, PA we spotted two individuals struggling to move their furniture items in the freezing rain, unprotected; this was our "aha" moment.
          • 2017: Prototype development through the Made Institute to create a bag that could securely cover and protect furniture and give the mover's leverage.
          • 2019: Completion of a working Samani Bag prototype and then filing a provisional patent.
          • 2020: Covid-19 puts the Samani Bag R&D on the shelf; relocation to Lansing, Michigan.
          • 2022: Formation of The Samani Bag LLC, utility patent now pending for the bag, and began the initial design of the Samani Container prototype.
          • 2023: Utility patent now pending for the Samani Container; building relationships with various industries and exploring diverse use cases for the Samani Container. Rebrand of the company- The Samani Company LLC.
          • 2024: Onward and upward, continually building designs excited for the future!


      • As we look to the future: We aim to expand our market reach, highlighting the endless possibilities of the Samani products, and realizing the vision of sustainable transformative packaging and storage.