It has been a long time in development, but we have designed a bag that you can use loosely, to fit your piece of furniture. We call it "wrap it, strap it and go" The patent pending bag design functions more universally within a range of sizes for the piece of furniture to allow the one Samani Bag to be used over multiple sizes of that same type of furniture (i.e. sofa, dresser, tables, etc.) Creating considerable convenience for individuals or companies who move furniture quite regularly. Stay tuned for a Samani Bag for furniture in 2024.
We create products for both the retail customer and for businesses to use for packaging, storage and moving. Our "Aha" moment began with a product focused on moving furniture. The Samani Moving Bag is what started us off as a company. We wanted to create a bag to securely wrap and assist with moving a piece of furniture. We completed a custom design in 2019 and now have further developed a more universal design in 2022. This product will be available for sale later in 2024 and is patent pending. The next product we created is called the Samani Container. A uniquely designed fabric-based container that competes with cardboard boxes and plastic totes. This product is available for sale on the website and is also patent pending. A third product we designed was a unique Samani bag for large pictures, flat screen tv's and for large mirrors. A bag that is both flexible and tough enough to support and safeguard these delicate items. Supporting either product within a certain range of sizes and able to secure it appropriately to avoid damage. Patent pending as well. And we also create custom designed bags and containers for clients who have special requests for safe and secure packaging needs.
It varies depending on what it is that you are ordering. The general wait time for items in stock can be within a weeks' time for delivery. If your order is a specialty item, then the expected delivery time will be discussed in detail with you after your order has been submitted. Design and build take time, and we appreciate you choosing us to meet your needs, we assure you we will work diligently to meet your needs in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding shipping please send an email to
We work with manufacturers both in the US and abroad. We have very solid partnerships and have had great experiences with both of our suppliers both onshore and offshore.
The Samani Container recently completed laboratory testing by a certified tester of the US Consumer Products and Safety Commission. The Samani Container can hold up to 70lbs of internal weight with room for more. The containers (while empty) were placed under 500 lbs of pressure and easily withstood the weight. The containers were tested in a fast/slow use simulation, where 35 lbs was placed inside and the containers were lifted a total of 32,000 times with minimal wear and tear to the container at all. The containers currently are not waterproof.
We are willing to refund a full payment, if the product is defective or damaged within 30 days of receiving it. Should you regard your product as undesirable, we don’t consider that a cause for a refund. Connect with us and we would be glad to discuss those details with you:
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